YourPorn Sexy Top 10 GIFs (2020) Review & Free Sites Like YourPorn

Pros & Cons

  • A collection that puts half of the other alternatives to shame
  • Decent loading speeds, but nothing great
  • Good content variety from top studios
  • Another porn tube site in the avalanche of pop-ups and garbage
  • 1080p option requires payment
  • No unique content
User Rating 78/100
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So, how sexy is this site? Whether you want the latest and greatest porn stars, amateurs, cam girls or homemade sex tapes, YourPorn delivers. You just have to excuse the weird domain name. This small but free tube site also offers as a handful of homosexual and tranny videos. Regular porn is of course their specialty. Despite the somewhat confusing interface, visitors can download as much as they want! Even opt for a few additional features by signing up for free.

YourPorn Sexy Review

How many free porn sites did we review by now? They are in hundreds and YourPorn Sexy does not stand out from the crowd.

Before we dive into the world of this porn tube, let me give you a short summary. These guys own PornHub, RedTube and every other major porn site. So, expect same awful ads, lots of content and features identical to other tubes. You get pop-ups after every video click, sidebar banners and much more. It’s half porn and the other half is ads. Things could improve in this regard.

On the other hand, with PornHub you at least get to try their premium membership at no cost. This one offers similar benefits, but I would still recommend its alternatives. Then again, I know nothing about porn. Or do I?

YourPorn Sexy Usability

What are some of the cool features you can find here? YourPorn Sexy offers pornstars index, categories, tags and some ads at the top of the menu. If you hit the channels section for example, there are many studios that one can choose from. That’s an interesting and welcome take to find your favorite porn networks.

Even the design itself differs when you visit channels with a much better and less cluttered layout, at least for the trailer scene. Some of the sites do go overboard with their watermarks though.

Other than that, there is a comments section that is not as active as on PornHub or XVideos. That’s partially due to traffic, I guess. Speeds are decent, but not great. I’ve seen the streaming spinning wheel for a longer period than my dick was hard. Also, we are not talking 1080p here!

YourPorn Sexy GIFs

Sucking Like a Pro

Let her choke on your cock than meaningless words of love. That’s the way to bang any chick and this episode from YourPorn.Sexy does that. Would you trick or treat her? Fantastic cock helps this scene to become so much better.

Slurping, balls licking and perfect in every regard. This is the blowjob GIF you’ve been all dreaming of.

Shower Extremes

Spreading pornstar’s legs in the shower and fucking the shit out of her. That’s one way to motivate someone into washing their privates. Blue panties at the top left and right, natural boobs and more.

Good thing we are not the ones banging this chick. Unless it’s in sauna, I prefer porn over the real thing. The coldness and other nuances aren’t worth any woman. See this one on YourPorn Sexy or fulfill your own fantasty.

Finger Inside

When watching someone ride your cock isn’t enough, there is only one thing left to do. At first, you smack her ass and then switch to the rusty finger. That’s the technique tested by our ancestors and generations before that. I could be that even the dinosaurs did some kinky things.

Speaking of which, what size dicks did dinosaurs have?

Sexual Massage

Pussy spreading isn’t that big of a turn on, but at least things progress further. Getting her lips spread and then fucked is a good way to end your afternoon. Some small action with clitoris and the butthole itself is a looker too.

If I was this girl, my self-conscious mind would not like to show that kind of pussy under a direct light. It’s skin overload.

Riding the Stud

Your typical sex scene with a dirty slut and her tattoos. Looks like nasty office sex where both partners have significant others outside the world. There is no passion, just the animalistic instinct to fuck. Sometimes porn like this is what our minds desire.

For me. It’s a good YourPorn Sexy scene to remind myself that bros always go before hoes.

Lips that Grip

Pushing cock inside and outside, here’s a teen pornstar or random slut with one of the grippiest pussies I have seen. The feeling of getting your cock stroked by your own finger is not my favorite. It just feels weird and I won’t what does the woman imagine at that point. Not to mention how do her insides feel.

Anyhow, if you cut the top part of this GIF, it’s much better.

Fucking from Behind

With tits reminding of a cow and short-haired pornstar, here’s a YourPorn Sexy GIF for the all-natural generation. Not particularly sexy, but some interracial porn never hurt nobody. Dude is doing a perfect job here and feeding that pussy like a true stud.

Choke this blonde bitch with your dick and turn off the light. These tits are disgusting for me.

Double POV

Here’s an interesting POV sex scene that we’ve found on YourPorn Sexy site, you know, like all the others. On the left you have facial expressions of a woman who is having sex and on the right it’s a perspective from a male star.

Which one would you rather be? Having said all that. Her ass is one of the weakest, a flappy pancake at best.

Texas Rider

The simplest porn GIF of many and it’s among the best. At this premium site scene, Brazzers pornstar gets to show her skills and more. Cute butthole, ass and feet too. We can see that this girl is a brunette, and just like with many things in life, black is better.

At least in this scene, we love small and petite pornstars. Here is one, in front of your very eyes.

Fucking in Public

Finishing our YourPorn Sexy GIFs is a scene with the proper ending. Can you guess what that could be? The cumshot, obviously. What’s after that is no-one’s business. In my own case, that would be a lot of apologizing and promises to do better next time.

Now, enough self-depreciation and check the site itself for many more of the same.


I think by now we all have our favorites. Would be interested to know your opinions about YourPorn Sexy.

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