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Pros & Cons

  • Belongs to the largest porn network in the world
  • The content quantity is staggering
  • Has most of the niches covered
  • Too many ads, seriously
  • VIP upgrade option
  • Random quality
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When one is in the PornHub network like Xtube, you can offer a fantastic amount of free porn that caters to all kinds of people. Also, you do get to bother people with same ads and more annoying pop-ups. It will surprise no-one when I say that it features everything, from hot to ugly pornstars. Same goes for experience, amateurs or professional whores.Stream you want, or better yet, register and download for free, or drop cash to become a VIP. On the other hand, it sort of eliminates the reason, right? You are watching free porn, because it's free. So, why would you pay?

Right after you load XTube, it starts to nag you with the surveys that are designed to “tailor your experience”. The usual stuff, whether you like males or females, etc. However, why can’t one just watch porn without getting asked personal things?

Worst of all, you can’t close it without selecting, which means that the cookie is saved forever. I would not be surprised if your data is also stored for the later use. In other words, you will get more targeted ads. That is just a guess, but a logical one.

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