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Pros & Cons

  • Incredible resource for softcore porn
  • Best porn site for women
  • Nice filtering options
  • Frequent updates
  • Needs cheaper monthly options
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When hardcore scenes and interracial anal with twenty hungry hippos is no longer working, X-Art could be of value. Best enjoyed by softcore and sensual porn crowd, it’s a journey into the land of sexy women and beautiful sex.

X-Art Review

There are certain stages in everyone’s lives and while one day you prefer hardcore fucking, some other times it is all about the female friendly, lesbian sex or just something that has many kissing scenes and taking things slowly. Before we dive in much deeper, I just would like to ta minute and let you know that this is a softcore lesbian porn site and if you need something much rawer, see our Twistys review. They have double insertions, and a lot of other cool and hot stuff. However, we do love soft porn too and if you add erotica to the mix, it does look very different from today’s mainstream porn.

X-Art Membership

The annual membership options are your best bet as everything else is rather awful. Especially the one month membership cost, which is crazy.

  • 1-month (42.31 EUR)
  • 1-year (105.86 EUR or 8.82 EUR per month)
  • 2-years (158.82 EUR or 6.61 EUR per month)

Porn Content

In my early 20s, lesbian porn was the only type of porn that I would watch. However, X-Art is not all about lesbians! It is softcore, erotica like site that has created its own niche and found a certain audience. The models are one of the most beautiful, innocent looking out there. You won’t find there someone who can shove multiple cocks down her ass or anything of that kind. This is all natural, soft and lovely.

Yes, there is an anal scene once in a blue moon, but the X-Art site is focused towards the kind of porn that the late-night TV were showing. Just in this case, it also includes the actual shots of fucking. None of that grinding bullshit and fake sex. I did find X-Art to be one of the most popular sites out there for females. While many do enjoy a good hard fucking and choking, there are so many of such porn networks out there that creating a clone would be just silly.

That’s why the masters behind sex art have decided to take a route that is less traveled. Judging by the site’s popularity, I can tell you that this was a worthy decision. X-Art is great.

X-Art Usability

Their earlier videos used to be all about soft filters, etc. while these days it is more of a real thing and less of the fake, compute generated non-sense. Either that or they got new cameras and videos just look better.

The fact that you can download them in 4k resolution is like putting more icing on the cake that is already drowning in it. Just this time you are not getting diabetes or any of the sickness. Unless you are lovesick.

If this is your first time hearing the term 4k video, it basically means quality 2-4x times better than before. File sizes might be larger too but there are multiple downloading and streaming options to choose from.


If you love erotica, if you find softcore porn to be as refreshing as we do, then it is hard not to suggest you the X-Art network. They are likely the best out there. If you love hardcore, X-Art porn site for you.

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