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Pros & Cons

  • Not too many pros, but you got a free porn site, which is good
  • The thumbnails are of great size, better than most sites
  • A great variety of content that is also in “HD”
  • Wide and large video player is a plus
  • Non-separated comments section
  • Redesign the web-site or just close it, thanks
  • Stupid and annoying ads all over the place
  • Do not start my videos at maximum vol.
  • Non-organized tags page, useless
  • Loading times on thumbnails

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Tube8 is an interesting site with great video player, nice content, old design and some of the most annoying, background ads. Also, they need to add night theme, pretty much immediately. Did anything change in two years since our last review No. Still as stubborn and dysfunctional (in some areas) as the years before that.

Tube8 Review

If you decide to include a number or a hyphen in your domain name, you’d better make sure it is that good. Otherwise, people will not bother typing that URL anymore. For mobile users it is much easier since numbers (most of the time) are always shown as a starting column. For PC users on the other hand, this is as painful as you can get. You want to jerk off and you want to do it now, no time to waste on these things.

Tube8 Usability

What about the site itself and should you spend your time surfing through the site? Tube8 is a mixed bag of good and bad, but aren’t all free sites the same? They do suffer from ads, sometimes slow loading times, etc.

There are some positives, don’t get me wrong. The video player is big and wide, with empty sidebar (again, when blocking ads), etc. For me it might be even too empty. There is so much wasted space that webmasters could use on like to dislike ratio, views and other crap. You can find these stats, but the scrolling is required.

Even more, the comments are loaded instantly, and I love that! No separate tabs or other bullshits (unlike with few other sites) and it does get better with age. You just get used to it.


If you can forgive their ads and already know what to look for, Tube8 comes out as a decent porn site. Not the best, but not an awful one either.

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