TheFappeningBlog Review (2020) & Better Sites Like TheFappening Blog

Pros & Cons

  • Has countless pages of sexy celebrity pictures
  • Spammy links on sidebar
  • Not interesting content
  • Bland page design
  • No HTTPS
User Rating 80/100
This site sucks!Meh!AverageGoodExcellent

If you haven't heard of The Fappening movement yet, then this blog is for you. Basically, it’s celebrity nudes and leaks, as far as acronym goes. TheFappening Blog has an impressive number of leaked photos featuring celebrity babes and sexy pictures from social media. You also get photo shoots, and some movie caps from time to time. Visitors can check models, actresses, and pop singers showing off on hot outfits, getting naked, and even having sex. The site is mostly ad-free and comes out with new content regularly.

What else can we tell about TheFappening Blog? You will find sponsored links on the sidebar, which is not good and is against Google guidelines. Also, the content while rich is really just meh. There aren’t true leaks that were on various sharing engines long ago. Basically, you have Instagram and other posts that you can find yourself.

If you approach TheFappening Blog more of a warmup than a site that will give you a hard-on, it’s okay. You might spend few minutes warming up to the idea of fucking your hand. However, then I suggest going to a different site that truly shows some epic, legit celebrity nudes.

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