TastyBlacks Top 10 Best GIFs (2020) & Porn Sites Similar to TastyBlacks

Pros & Cons

  • Has many delicious ebony and black categories
  • Clean design without much advertising
  • A large collection of black porn
  • The site has been banned by search engines
  • Links are forced in the new window
  • Old-school design
  • No SSL, why?
User Rating 53/100
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With TastyBlacks, you get an easy and ad-free way to browse a vast number of black and interracial porn videos. Although they are available on famous tube sites like PornHub and xHamster, this one does it better. In fact, TastyBlacks serves as an index and lists content divided into dozens of categories. These range from ebony BBW, anal, teen, big ass, mom, and amateur. There's no better way to satisfy your lust for ebonies that this site.

TastyBlacks Review

You would not be surprised to learn that Tasty Blacks sites is not even visible on Google and you must be wondering why. It’s all due to the DMCA complaint that they have received long ago. In the end, the index page got removed and there is nothing they can do. They don’t create their own content and just some of the video got them into a trouble.

Now that you’ve learned some of Tasty Blacks history, let’s review it.

TastyBlacks Usability

The homepage is of brown color and resembles delicious black as well as ebony women. You have multiple categories and types. Even the types of gay or shemale viewers can find something. This is more of a porn aggregator than anything else. Don’t expect to find their own player, it’s all links to other porn tubes.

You know, the likes of XVideos, PornHub, PornTube and more. I like the relatively clean user interface that is now showing ads down your asshole. Sadly, the sites that these guys link to, do! There are even few other languages like German and Italian. However, who gives a fuck what language is the category named? This makes no sense and we don’t care about this part either.

Site speeds are great, no slow downs and that’s down to the site’s idea. It does not load any videos on the site itself and everything opens in a new window. Anyhow, enough of that and let’s get into some porn!

TastyBlacks GIFs

We love TastyBlacks and do love ebony babes. Below are some of our favorite porn GIFs from the site.

Pissing Black Chick

For the crowd of kinky fucks like myself, here’s an anonymous black chick. Guess you could call it squirting, but we all know what’s up. She uses her right hand to display some of the dirties liquid coming out of her pussy. Do you like what you see? Well, Tasty Blacks has more of that.

As for her looks, meh tits and bad haircut. Also, awful earrings and cheap high heels.

Juicy Tits

This is pre-show, a tease of all teases. They don’t make teens like that anymore! Now everyone has awful pointy tits, at least my girls did. Red blouse with pink lines and a random white dude who can’t even handle two of her breasts.

If that was me, these would not be my own hands touching her tits. I’d massage everything with my own dick and cum in the end.

Licking White Balls

Here comes a nasty girl, right to the master’s cock. Licking his balls, playing with the shaft and all that shit. Wearing red outfit with some metal parts, she is nothing short of a beauty queen. Dreadlocks reminiscent of the old-school rappers, ghetto make-up and no sex drive.

Wish there was some sort of action, there is nothing happening, and I would not call this oral.

Hardcore Ass Riding

When you haven’t been fucked good for years, and a bus full of dicks approaches you. Her asshole is gaped, so there’s that. Finally, we are approaching some of the better TastyBlacks GIFs and this is the one to please our crowds.

Like other interracial porn sites and videos, it shows tiny white cock that is swallowed by the gapping pussy. Good, sexy and we want more.

Asian Ebony Fucked

Not every dark-skinned girl has to be 100% black, to the point where you can’t see anything. This one is a mix of some Asian features and thick booty. Fucked from behind and having a lot of fun. That’s what you do after or before the very first date.

Judging form the view outside, it’s a cheap apartment. In other words, perfect to fuck a random black chick.

Tasty Black POV

An anonymous video that is one of the best we have seen. Leave us a comment below with the full source, if you have one. A world will be grateful. Very thick ass and even thicker butthole if that could even be a thing. It does not even look human.

As for the dude’s dick, we’ll leave that unjudged. I mean, our dicks aren’t that big either, at least my mom told me so.

Banging the Bus

With a duo of bizarre tits and nipple piercings, we have another slut that loves to grind dick. At what point do you consider that a good thing in life anyway? As the bus moves, there is only one thing we could say… Work for it, bitch.

Thankfully, she got paid afterwards and could support her cock addiction. Jumping from one bus to another.

Milking the Tits

All right, you came here to release some steam, right? Well, let’s watch this freakish blond do the same. You grab napkins to clean your dick milk and she will add some of hers.

Do you love lactating pornstars? What about delicious MILFs that look bizarre? Well, save this GIF do your hard drive because it’s about to be deleted. The black area wide like this should not even be possible. What kind of nature does that to a female body?

Massive Booty

Look at this epic ass! Holy fuck, I am about to start believing in God! There is no way this happened by accident. Someone far more intelligent must have created this booty. Fucking in public, the tasty black chick is loving a true man and his dick.

I love the quality of the GIF, it’s in Full HD, just like all the award-winning Hollywood movies. This one should win something too.

Epic Black Pornstar

The slutty black pornstar in this scene is just begging to be watched in full screen. Such a strong performance from both, him and her. My cock is throbbing just listening to the sounds of white and black parts touching.

I like the acting and the sheer absurd of this GIF. It’s from TastyBlacks, but you know the real source.

Loved this free site? How about an upgrade in your life? We have so much more ebony porn sites covered, full of epic videos.

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