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/r/SpreadEagle – Spread Eagle

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Have you ever seen a vagina? It’s a disgusting piece of infected flesh that is ready to eat your dick and boy does it feel good. So good that men travel miles just for a chance to touch one. Women have all the power and they know that, at least for small and stupid men. The alpha males don’t care about pussy and just focus on making money.

The women are second and this is where I want to be. During the time of me pretending to be an alpha and not caring about the vagina part, there are certain porn websites to get you off.

About /r/SpreadEagle

One of them is a sub-reddit for female reproductive organs. When I was a stupid boy, close-up pussy pics were the only thing I searched for. Not tits, fucking or anything, my mind was just starving to see a good picture of a vagina.

I relied on bad search engines and old sites, but the we are entering 2020s soon and there are many better ways to get results faster and get them in higher quality. The /r/SpreadEagle has thousands of posts with women spreading their legs and exposing the only valuable thing that they have. Some shots are nice, even have lesbians and other porn, so it is not as boring as it may sound from the start.

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This is one of the hidden gems if you enjoy pussies in this position. The exact reason why I am sharing this sub, to bring the awareness and get them more subscribers.

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/r/SpreadEagle – Spread Eagle