Smutty Review (2020) - Smutty GIFs & Similar Porn Sites

Pros & Cons

  • Some more unique, user aggregated content
  • You have GIFs and pictures, which is neat
  • Quality is of decent quality
  • One of the worst, most confusing layouts
  • Plain ugly design without anything cool
User Rating 40/100
This site sucks!Meh!AverageGoodExcellent

With full of ads interface, Smutty provides its users with free porn pictures, GIFs, and videos. These are mostly collaboratively curated by members through the use of various community features. Quality is good overall, and visitors can view content for all orientations belonging to many different categories. Whether you like vanilla porn, non-nude, erotic, fetish, and hardcore content, you will find them here. It’s downfall however is in design. It truly is a cluster of fuck.

Just over a year ago, Smutty used to be much more popular than it is now. I believe the novelty wore off when other GIF porn sites appeared. Also, the way it has been designed does not hold well these days. It does feel as if someone from 1994 went ahead and approved all decision. It’s not horrible but feels lackluster.

Confusing, ugly and with advertising, that’s how it is. My heart does not sit well with Smutty and I do recommend some of the alternatives. Unless you are truly a fan of this site and the community.

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