PornKTube Top 10 Porn GIFs (2020) Review & Sites Like PornKTube

Pros & Cons

  • Has many full-length porn videos at no cost
  • Simple, elegant and light web design
  • No annoying ads, which is huge
  • No bullshit usability features
  • The worst copycat name in porn
  • No comments section
User Rating 80/100
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With a clutter-free and clean layout, PornkTube grabs your attention with a great array of full porn scenes. The content comes from premium sites like Tushy, Digital Playground, and DDF. It also features everything from fetish, BDSM, straight, lesbian, and shemale sex. Free users can play videos or save them to their devices. Furthermore, extra features are unlocked post signup. This will enable you to comment and rate content.

PornKTube Review

When you copy a familiar name, some users might get redirected to PornKTube. In fact, that’s what happened to me and it was an automated browser suggestion. Other than that, I have enjoyed my share of full-length videos. Yes, that’s one of the biggest pros of this one. I am not aware of any other free tube with long porn videos.

You could find some, but it’s nothing major. I think that with hundreds of not thousands of porn tube likes, PornKTube did a great job to differentiate.

PornKTube Usability

Now, what about its design and every aspect of navigation? It’s much better than the rest of the sites. Unlike HQPorner, which took the approach of large thumbnails too far, PornKTube. Thanks to narrow navigation bar on the left and one on the right, it blends very well and don’t feel crowded.

PornKTube did a great job in other aspects too. You hit mouse over on any picture and small screencaps of video begin showing. While they are not up to pair with the latest trend, this step is still great. The best we’ve seen was where a live video begins, with progress bar in bottom and all. Funny enough, they do show live thumbnails, but it’s for fucking ads. Bit of a dick move.

The site does try to trick you with ads that open in the background with every mouse click, which sucks ass. Videos will start playing loudly too unless you adjust volume first. I cannot believe that they haven’t realized that no one plays these at full volume by default.t

There is a decent section of comments for most videos, which is surprising, although most are anonymous. Not just a random name, but truly anonymous. If you are looking for porn commentators and their personalities, PornKTube is not that place.

PornKTube GIFs

Best Hospital

Yeah, this is not how real-life works yet, but at least we have porn to educate us. Basically, what adult films taught us is that you can always have your dick sucked. Your teeth hurt? Undress and wait for the doctor to come in, she will know what to do.

I can imagine that horny females who consult men about erectile disfunction, might try something to get the engine up and running. You know what I mean, right?

Anal Training

It must suck to fuck someone in the ass when they are not showing any signs of discomfort. Like, no feeling at all in this case, but at least it’s a GIF about anal sex. There can’t be enough of those, ever. The slutty brunette and a random stud got to spend some time together.

With full scene on PornKTube, you might as well just visit the site and see what’s up. If you need hints, she is not that fun in bed.

Slip and Slide

The sign of relief when he cums is visible on a pornstar’s face and that got me fantasizing. What if there was an indicator on every female’s head that shows how close to the orgasm she is? That’s like the best thing ever, especially for those that remain silent in bed. You are fucking like a maniac and all you hear are your own moans.

Creamy Fuck Session

One of the best porn angles for POV sex, and just a great way to pound someone. You get a lot of friction and it’s hard not to cum in more than a minute. It really is fascinating how you can fuck them through this angle and don’t fee a butthole. Like, how does that even work?

As for this amateur porn GIF, it’s another great video at PornKTube!

Chill Fuck

In the middle of the day, with red color filter and cheap leather sofa. For trashy porn and ugly whores, I dare you to find a better scene on PornKTube. I bet she is famous for one reason or another and looks nothing like this now. We don’t know the names and can only judge the book by its cover.

In this case, the cover fucking sucks.

Fake Hostel

We had to cut this GIF in order to reduce the size, but what a fucking video it is! Yes, you have a whore in the hostel that is cleaning the room. However, while the best part is cock sliding intro, things get better.

There is in fact another slut near this blond, waiting for the turn. Still with clothes and searching for something under bed.

Young and Old

Must be creepy for a beautiful lady like this one to take a shower or something. Especially when you are butt naked and there are old lads everywhere. I bet they have never fucked a female as gorgeous as this. What about me? It’s the Internet and you can’t check the facts, so of course I did.

Dude, my cock has been in more females than there are bricks in the whole area of Egyptian pyramids.

Amateurs Playing

The averaged size dick and the regular girl, that’s the amateur sex for you. Just with some creamy ending and terminated pregnancy. One of the least beautiful part of asymmetric tits we’ve had a chance to lie our eyes upon.

Honestly, we blame bras for this shit. I have no idea why a woman would be born that way.

Tasty Redhead

Starting with the beautiful scenery and ending in the filthy bedroom. The redhead slut and her thirsty eyes can’t get us harder. Nodding, winking, smiling and licking. These are all the correct actions she takes. PornKTube nailed the upload with this one and here’s a GIF to prove you that redheads have souls too.

I mean, soulless bitches don’t fuck like her.

Homemade Style Fucking

No that you’re close to cumming, here’s a GIF to cool you down. Either from post-orgasm or other reasons. On the other hand, we also have some amateur sluts at the bottom of the article, not related to PornKTube.

Just two individuals having sex at home, the best time there is.

PornKTube Reviews

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