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Pros & Cons

  • If you enjoy painful anal, this is the site
  • Active and friendly community
  • Some pro and amateur videos
  • Submissions are not moderated
  • Leads to sites with ads
  • Low quality videos
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/r/Painal – Painal

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Subscribers: 139,000
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/r/Painal Review

If you read my story about some of the anal experiences that I have had in the best sites category (from the giving end, of course), then you do know that I am bit of an asshole. I guess one attracts another and it must be the reason why I enjoy ass fucking whores in the butt. It cannot be just regular sex.

Be it a girlfriend or a random hookup from dating sites, there are some rules that every slut should follow. I do not like lube and prefer to stick my cock without any, which brings us to the topic of /r/Painal sub: pain. The /r/Painal community focuses on girls that are getting fucked in the ass but are not really enjoying it. In fact, most of the time some pain is involved, be it from a dick that is too big or just her nerves. You know, the more nervous she is, the tighter the ass.

About /r/Painal

People of /r/Painal share various videos and occasionally stories of painful anal experiences. The better members also link to a specific part where the magic is about to happen. Do you feel sorry for these girls? I do not. Some seems to be into pain anyway, and having some whore being to stop because the dick is just too big raise one’s confidence and arousal levels to extremes.

It is also one of the most popular anal subs too, which speaks volumes about the whole anal thing. I guess that’s why sites like First Anal Quest are also so popular. People just love anal virgins or women with assholes that did not have hundreds of cocks and other objects inside them.

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I did enjoy /r/painal submissions and found it to be the best sub of its kind. Yes, the quality is not always the greatest and you don’t get hundreds of posts per day, but once in a blue moon you get something so good that it makes you forget about the rest.

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/r/Painal – Painal