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Pros & Cons

  • A truly bizarre and wtf porn subreddit
  • Funny and weird content
  • Lots of submissions
  • NIce community
  • Can make you puke
  • Oh my God
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/r/NSFW_WTF – NSFW What The Fuck

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/r/NSFW_WTF Stats

Subscribers: 123,000
Browsing: 170
Moderators: 16

/r/NSFW_WTF Review

Fucked up shit is always fun and is great material for parties. Twenty years ago, people would tell jokes and maybe a dirty story or two, but the new generation is all about videos, WTF porn and things that bring shock to your system. While it is called a not safe for work sub, not everything is about porn, which sucks. I have seen someone pissing in an elevator, meh at best.

If you browse long enough, a certain pattern emerges, and you quickly realize that the only worthy part of the /r/NSFW_WTF sub is their top section. You sort everything by upvotes and go to as many pages as you want. The frontend is full of amateur crap with few upvotes and does give this sub a bad image.

About /r/NSFW_WTF

The content is great once you find it and there are some hidden gems on the sub. The term “WTF” can sometimes be used loosely, but in 7 out of 10 posts, you could see why the majority of mediocre people consider that WTF material. Some things I have seen recently were a gapped asshole that is being pissed to, and a meat grinder showed down man’s anus. Just a perfect material to show at any birthday or work meeting.



The biggest problem with /r/nsfw_wtf is their community. There are just too few users to keep the sub fresh and worth visiting. Once in a week is about enough.

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/r/NSFW_WTF – NSFW What The Fuck