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  • A million subscribers that are always active
  • Tons of amazing. ad free content
  • Very active community
  • Links to sources
  • Just GIFs of scenes, not full videos
  • Poor content discovery options
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/r/NSFW_GIF – Not Safe For Work GIFs

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/r/NSFW_GIF Stats

Subscribers: 1,400,000
Browsing: 5,100
Moderators: 18

/r/NSFW_GIF Review

I almost forgot about this one. Sometimes I get so tired writing these reviews and having to do top 10 best sub-reddits did drive me to the point of exhaustion. My friend for example has a site full of reviews, yet he only did like 5 nice subs and called it quits. I on the other hand have already covered close to 50 great porn sites and even though there are just dozens reading my reviews, I believe that the site will grow in time.

That brings me to one of the fastest growing sub-reddits: NSFW_GIF. Since reddit was created for media consumption, don’t expect massive filtering capabilities or friendly porn discovery features. This is the Achilles heel of reddit for porn, as it has too much content that gets lost the minute someone else posts new GIF. Sure, you can always go to the top posts, or weekly top posts, which is the only way to browse these popular subs anyway. I mean, they have almost 1,500,000 readers posting porn. Imagine the rate at which new posts appear.

About /r/NSFW_GIF

The new GIFs page is constantly populated with new content, which basically means that you will never turn out of porn. They are just short clips to get you excited and if you are lucky enough, maybe a source will be posted in the comments section, which is a compromise you must consider when doing free porn.



If you can get yourself to the point of no return and reach the level of horniness where jerking off to gifs (aka 10 second videos without sound) sounds like the best thing ever, then /r/NSFW_GIF sub is one of the best for nothing but GIF porn. No ads, no annoying reposts.

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/r/NSFW_GIF – Not Safe For Work GIFs