MonsterCurves GIFs + Review (2020) & Similar Sites to MonsterCurves

Pros & Cons

  • Pornstars with fantastic, curvy butts
  • Lots of heavy and hot porn action
  • Beautifully shot scenes
  • Full HD ass porn
  • Site seems to be no longer updated
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We love gigantic butts and there is no way around that. MonsterCurves has provided us with hours of quality entertainment, full of massive butts, tight anal action and oily fucks. From hottest pornstars to relatively new performers, no matter the name… They all share the common characteristic and it’s all about those monster curves.

MonsterCurves Review

If you are at least 25 or bit older then there is a 100% chance that Monster Curves videos were in your fap folder. There was no other place or other site that did this job better. They have picked the ass niche and put their foot down to the metal. I used to only dream of obtaining access to MonsterCurves many years ago, now it is just another site I visit.

Funny how dreams become habits and how you no longer care about them. However, watch these getting taken away and you are left depressed, which is what happened here when I was struggling with cash and could not renew these for more than six months. Anyway, enough of financial problems and let’s talk massive asses and anal.

Monster Curves & Membership

Before buying membership on Monster Curves, I always thought that it was all about awesome butts and anal. However, as it turns out, not all scenes have anal in them (the vast majority does). I am not sure if the girls just did not sign-up for that or what happened, but I do feel that with a site that is all about the fucking ass, every scene should include anal.

Or maybe that would get boring and these pussy fucking only videos are what makes us even more excited for the next one.

The pricing is your average porn site of $9.99 when paying for a year.

Porn Content

The pornstars are fucking awesome and know their best qualities. You have massive amounts of oil and lube, which enhances their asses even more. Slick and wet looking bodies look great in the direct sunlight, and that makes your dick even harder.

You can’t stop thinking about wanting to touch them and fuck these giant, amazing butts. It is also interesting how they can find so many white pornstars that stand behind their booties. Black girls often have big bums and finding a white chick that is not from Texas does get bit tricky. Thankfully, Monster Curves does an epic job at this. I am not talking about fat and ugly pornstars there either. They are of average body build with some being bit slimmer than others, but none are chubby or fat. It must be in their genes or ass implants.

The other bullshits are all the same, and that does not mean to sound like a con. You got tags, Full HD videos that can be downloaded without bullshit limitations, or requirements to pay extra (yes, some sites started doing that).

The only con that I can confidently say is the site popularity. It used to be just Monster Curves everywhere, on every tube and every porn site. Now, it looks like it went bit downhill or got overtaken by mainstream anal sites. Sure, that does not take any value from the MonsterCurves site or its videos, but I am just saying.


Sure, MonsterCurves site is no longer as popular as it used to be, that doesn’t change the previously released quality. Honestly, I do think that it’s is one of the best massive ass sites out there. Especially when you get to access the whole network from RealityKings.

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