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Pros & Cons

  • Gives you access to phone numbers of shemales
  • Incredible quality of videos in thousands
  • Around 1,000 shemales
  • Bonus access
  • Can't pay for a year
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From sexy transsexuals to solo sessions and shemale escorts, LadyBoyGold offers everything. Come for beautiful ladies and stay for the best content there is. Not to mention their exclusive deals and contract details of every tranny pornstar.

LadyBoyGold Review

It’s hard to find a decent tranny porn site that is not dead or has more than 500 videos. Heck, it’s hard to find a regular porn network with that many videos. Some might reach a thousand, but these numbers are still small when you stop and think about it. We all have different tastes in porn and making assumptions that 400 videos should last you well over a year is such a bullshit. Just because a new video is uploaded, it does not mean that you will find it hot and get material to jerk off to. It applies to every kind of porn, not just trannies.

I have reviewed so many shemale porn sites that my mind pretty much got used to the idea of not finding a site with 1,000 or even more videos. Well, fuck all these presumptions as LadyBoyGold is a site with so much fucking awesome content. You have over 2,500 shemale videos (this is not a typo) and it is so broad and wide in terms of variety.

LadyBoyGold Membership

There’s an interesting twist on LadyBoyGold join options since the annual membership is missing.

  • 1-month ($29.94)
  • 6-month ($79.95 or $24.65 / month)

Porn Content

With thousands of videos, the site is always updated, I have seen it push 4 or more updates per week, which is perfect, and the content just keeps on rolling. You have videos in Full HD as one expects, and it even gives you access to 6 other bonus sites for free, all in the same tranny niche. I am not sure if you can tell but I am super excited for LadyboyGold and am more than happy to share it with you. Now, these guys know that their content is superb and be prepared to pay for it.

Since there is a very huge probability that you will be coming for more, there is a special rule, which does not allow you to pay for the yearly membership. This is the first site in existence that prefers customers to pay short-term than signup for annual plan. I still think that with the frequency of updates, it is worth it.

LadyBoyGold Usability

Now, I haven’t even started about the best part of the LadyBoyGold network. Have you ever dreamed of fucking a ladyboy? Maybe the one you have seen on camera? LadyBoydGold is the only site I can think of that provides these models’ phone numbers, so you can contact them, call, chat and arrange a session of hot sex, without paying anything extra for such privilege.

Even though the header is all about Thai ladyboys, there are some white trannies too, so it is not exclusive to Thais. However, this is their focus: Asian shemales.


The LadyBoyGold is the best site in terms of value out there. You have limitless shemale material that won’t even fit on your PC and can be passed from one generation to another. Unless you are not a fan of Thai girls, I highly recommend going with LBG, it is my favorite and top-rated tranny site.

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