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Pros & Cons

  • One of the very few sites to offer 60 fps porn
  • Random porn video feature makes it fun
  • Close to 30,000 quality videos
  • Site is bit too busy with large pictures
  • Large, unused white space
  • Bad discovery features

HQPorner – www.hqporner.com

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There's no need to spend any money, save that on whores! A place like HQPorner offers free xxx clips with all your favorite pornstars on a virtually ad-free site. This XXX tube has streaming-only full-length studio scenes in 60fps, HD, and Full HD quality. Watch toying, fisting, teasing, fucking or shemales. Still not turned on? Switch to orgies, castings, BDSM, JAV porn and Hentai. Has multiple studios like Device Bondage, Fem Joy, Wicked and 21Sextury.

HQPorner Sexy Review

Back in my day, free porn tubes were in 240p quality. Then studios have switched to HD and later Full HD quality. Now, HQPorner pushes things even further with 60 frames per second videos. This is not a marketing bullshit. These videos fucking rock. Watch as if you were with these couples in the same room…. Jerking off without them noticing.

HQPorner Usability

The design and everything else are bit different from other tube sites. Do we like it though? That’s a story for another time. The thumbnails are two to three times larger than on any other site. I’d say HQ Porner resembles Pinterest layout or Instagram, something for the new age of masturbators.

Other than overly large images, you have sidebar on the left, like old-school WordPress blogs. Basically, I am not sure that HQPorner knows what it wants to be. At least it’s different. The usability suffers in this regard too as discovering porn is way harder with this layout.

Few years ago, HQ Porner was one of the cleanest sites that is now not as good. Wish we could go back to the classic style. At least they have not ditched the original idea behind HQPorner. In other words, 60fps porn is still here and all in the juicy quality.

My wish for admins is to work on usability, as finding anything sucks. There is a reason why YouTube and all other video sites don’t look like this. First time visits will be great, mostly because all content is fresh. You can surf top porn and random categories. However, few days later, when the same videos are still here, the frustration kicks in.

Anyhow, HQ Porner is still cool as fuck, check the balls out of this site.

HQPorner GIFs

Now, time for some fun!

Horny Slut

You catch a random whore who have just slammed her rusty car into yours, leaving nothing but scratches. After a short insurance call, the next thing for her to do is apologize. Actions are louder than words, so why not just fuck her in a broad daylight?

Great scene, skinny bitch and some tiny tits to grab on.

Nudes and Teases

A Playboy model full of joyful scenery makes me feel happy and sad. It’s nice to watch someone have fun, but when you can’t have that too… It does get frustrating. You can see that GIF does not focus on her ass and there’s a reason for that. Not particularly attractive sight, especially when she does not go to the tanning bed fully naked.

Having said that, I’d sell my soul to bang this one.

Dirty Lesbians

Looking like Charles Chaplin or another guy from Germany with a mustache, the lesbian on the right is not having fun. The last thing she want to do is sniff and choke on these black pubes. The logo talks about kissing a girl, but there is none of that.

Anyway, go to HQPorner and find the full scene, sometimes these GIFs don’t tell a full story.

That Face Change

Trying to look all cool, this slut did not stand a chance against this ginger bearded man. Guess the producer just told her to stare at the camera and nothing else. However, the facial expression changes quickly, from neat to surprised.

Full of smiles, pleasures and other positive emotions. This HQPorner video is one of my favorite and it’s here, on PornGist.

Celebrity Fuck

How about some celebrity porn sites and fuck scenes? Here’s one of the greatest to be ever recorded on camera. Who are the authors of this GIF? The Hollywood itself of course. I wonder what would porn movie look like if it was directed by popular directors that do mainstream movies…

While this question won’t be answered for many generations, at least we can appreciate this one. Tits on the glass table, flat surfaces, great angles and more.

Clothes On and Off

I’ve included this one for the sake of variety because it’s different. In other words, you don’t have the typical transitions that appear in 99% of the porn movies. This feels like amateur and professional at work. Like, this is the most basic effect, right?

On the other hand, only the smartest guys in the universe would even think of doing something like this. I do adore girl too, slim and with neat holes.

POV Madness

The latest invention of a mankind is here and it’s all about the POV angle. How come we did not have this before? It truly is beyond me, and to think that we’ve been filming porn for so long… The POV porn did only appear in the last five years or so, all thanks to selfies and such.

This is how technology changes porn, and it’s not always about 4K or VR.

Homemade Teases

Another pornstar filming selfies for the Snapchat crowds. She looks very happy, maybe even drunk, but we don’t mind. This is one of the happiest HQ Porner GIFs we have seen, ever. Bouncy goodies, diving face and more. I honestly feel that people who are trying to heal should watch this one.

Have it on the loop and forget everything else, man. Life get’s better and this is a proof.

Fucking Sideways

When her asshole is clean and not showing any digested food particles, this sideways angle is perfect. You could stick your cock wherever you like. Gives you an option to deeply penetrate someone and it’s epic. She loves it too, I guess? Although the expression does not tell me that.

Anyway, this dude shaved his balls and left a tiny strip of hair. Like some girl, which is what the heck ion my book.

Intense Sucking Action

No better way to end our HQPorner review than with this, banging hot GIF. It’s Riley and her deepthroating performance worthy of a golden medal. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, that’s how you fuck someone’s mouth.

Let me say that my girlfriend is about to experience the very same thing. Hopefully, she will enjoy it as much as I do.

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HQPorner – www.hqporner.com