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  • A decent subreddit for amateur porn
  • Features mostly original content
  • Lots of posts in pics and videos
  • Some bad looking women
  • Attention seekers
  • Whiteknights
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/r/GoneWild30Plus – Gone Wild 30+

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/r/GoneWild30Plus Review

You probably expected here to find a sub like /r/Milf, but that would be too boring and not hat interesting. Instead, I went with something different and that is: Real amateur MILF porn. Calling MILF amateurs does sound weird, as these old sluts have fucked thousands of cocks and swallowed oceans of cum. I am a big fan of older women, but the /r/GoneWild30Plus sub might not be suitable for everyone.

About /r/GoneWild30Plus

Yes, there are some nice pictures from time to time, but this is not porn and that brings me to the next point. On the downside, there are many ugly whores, like to the point where you are throwing up, so it can make you horny one second and then leave you scared the next. I guess this is the point of real MILFS as most are just that… Used bags without any flexibility left, or anything valuable. Use at your own risk. It does not accept grannies, so don’t be too afraid to visit it, at least once in your lifetime.

The community is not the super large and leave only around 15 to 20 comments per post. The average upvote count is of around 400, so it is basically a medium sized sub, but as I said, there are people who appreciate such niches.

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Real moms and true to life amateurs. I think this sub is much better than your average one with pornstar MILFS and fake bullshit.

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/r/GoneWild30Plus – Gone Wild 30+