GhettoTube Free Black Porn Site Review (2019) & Sites Like GhettoTube

Pros & Cons

  • It’s a decent site for black and interracial porn
  • Does not use intrusive advertising
  • Has pictures as well as videos
  • Supports comments
  • Alive community
  • Site design could use some polishing
  • Auto-play videos is a no go
  • Content is a mixed bag
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What kind of webpage do you find under the name GhettoTube? Obviously, a free one, packed with black on black or black on white interracial porn. Their homepage is populated with nothing but hot ebonies. The feeling is intensified with the already brown layout that works well. Unlike in ghetto, there aren’t that many nasty skanks that you don’t even want to look at. Also, you won’t get shot here for masturbating to anything else but straight porn.

The only massive con that you will see with GhettoTube is basically their videos. You open the URL and these bitches will start moaning automatically, at full volume. Who thought of this as a good idea is beyond me…

If you start playing videos, at least have some decency to mute the sound. Content is okay but does remind us of ghetto neighborhoods. You have some great videos and then shit that you won’t show you your buddies. If they were to fix some of these issues, I do believe that GhettoTube has a chance to be much more popular than it is now.

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