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Pros & Cons

  • Has sexy and beautiful girls
  • Amazing quality videos
  • Frequently updated
  • No limitations
  • Some amateurs might not be first-timers
  • Too mutch stretching for me
  • Same male performer

First Anal Quest

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An obvious and well-deserved recommendation. Every anal sex aficionado should check the site, and by the looks of it, many did already. Tons of great Eastern European and Russian babes that aren’t known to the general public. In other words, real amateurs and their penetrated assholes in POV view is what FirstAnalQuest site is all about.

FirstAnalQuest Review

The site that has been started by someone who loves RPG games or just games with quests, here comes the first anal quest. Watching virgin assholes fucked without much lube is one of the best pleasures this life has to offer. Beautiful girls from Eastern Europe was already a porn kink of mine. Now, when you add anal and first timers, it does upgrade the experience to the levels that my dick sometimes is having a hard time to comprehend.

There is no way to confirm if all these sluts have had anal sex before, but it is all about the perception, right? If you think that they are anal virgins, then you will get a hard-on. If you change your mind and flag this site as a faker, then it is only your own problem. Why would you ever do that anyway? Now, I did watch multiple scenes, and I am sure that at some point you did too… In the end, these were not the whores that are constantly getting fucked in the ass. Maybe during a honeymoon or something, but not frequently.

Porn Content

This is probably my favorite anal sex site of all time. I can assure you that it is a favorite of many other people too. I have randomly asked few people who sent me a thank you note for recommendations if they are still using the site and they all did say the very same thing: membership is always on renewal.

So, it does not only confirm my own taste, but should also give you a hope that FirstAnalQuest is one of the paid porn sites that is well worth the money. If you are paying yearly, then it goes to the pricing levels of less than ten bucks per month. That is cheap.

Also, the average video length is way above 30 minutes. Some porn sites always go for the 20-minute mark or something, there are cases of 10 minutes too. Not the first anal quest though, and that does feel like you are getting a much better bang for the buck. Unless you skip foreplay and fast forward to the butt fucking part only. I do rarely watch cumshots, to be fair or the ending.

Since my initial review last year, they have added over 200 new videos, seriously, this site is fucking good. I don’t know what else to say. Head over to their home page and you will see all the updates and models. Unlike shady companies, all have date of uploads and overall rating. These is only one video that has a lower rating than 4 and that is of some bald chick. I did not find that one hot either and have no clue how this dude managed to keep his dick hard. Maybe it reminded him of the father or something, I have no idea.


In the end, if you are okay with POV, same male performer and amateurs, then this site is a goldmine. It might get boring in few months or so as scenario is always the same. However, at least at first, this is one great site.

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First Anal Quest