Exotic 4K Porn Site Review (2020) & Similar Exoti Porn Sites to Exotic4K

Pros & Cons

  • Includes pornstars from Middle East
  • Adult models from Latin America
  • Other exotic and hot girls
  • Awesome 4k video res
  • Bonus site access
  • Less black women than we want
  • Photo resolution sucks
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Spectacular brown bodies and exotic looks is what makes Exotic4K such a pleasurable experience. Also, did we mention that everything is in Ultra Full HD? There was never a better time to experience the joy of exotic porn than now.

Exotic4K Review

We love white chicks and all that, but this shit is getting stale. I have been jerking off to the same skin color for many years now, a change was due. I took a hard look at many different sites, be it for ebonies, blacks or other pornstars that have something different about them. Exotic4K is one of such sites. Now, since I am adding it to the list of my all-time favorites, as well as here, you might already know that this is a porn studio / producer that is worth paying for.

Exotic4K Membership

You will always save money with a longer membership, which is what you should consider. Especially with content as good as here.

  • 2-day trial ($1)
  • 1-month ($29.95)
  • 3-month ($59.37 or $19.79 per month)
  • 1-year ($119.95 or $9.99 per month)

Porn Content

Let’s begin with Exotic4K and their intro. Instead of getting some sort of tease through a blurred picture that was cropped so you can’t see anything at all, they go all in. Hence, present you with a fucking trailer of various awesome women fucking. We see beautiful tits, juicy pussies, cumshots, facials, there is even some squirting involved and much more. This is before you even had time to pull out your dick or a wallet.

Before you take off your headphones and smash the speakers to the wall, Exotic4K does it right too. The video does not start with the audio blasting till you become pretty much deaf. Thank fuck for that. Seeing web pages do that is as rare as seeing a hooker that is not on drugs. This being the exotic site, it does live up to its name. While I was expecting to see more of the black girls, there are other alternatives for nothing but African American girls.

This one includes hottest looking pornstars out there that are from many different locations. We are talking Mexico, Spain, Egypt, Brazilian asses and Asians. I am not even making a dent there as their selection is broad.

The videos are dominated by whores from Spain though, or just Latin girls in general, but that is okay. Those are usually the ones that make my dick the hardest. Me being one of the anal sex fans, seeing some of these girls getting fucked raw in the ass, does make me very happy. I do wonder sometimes how these dudes can last for so long? It might be through clever editing or some shit, but this is one of the life’s mysteries that I will likely never solve.

Exotic4K Usability

Not much to say as it’s all good. Although, I have one complain. Why offer 4k porn and then give galleries of a shitty resolution? This just does not make any sense to me.

The thumbnails, the videos are awesome but what’s up with photos? I am sure that Exotic4K owners could afford to host few extra megabytes of exotic ass. Guess I am wrong.


With Exotic4K, you get the best of both worlds. Not only the hottest exotic chicks that are ready to fuck, but all of them come in the new age, 4k resolution. Yes, please.

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Exotic 4K