CrazyShit Review, GIFs & More Sites Like CrazyShit (2020)

Pros & Cons

  • New uploads are grouped by the day, which is neat
  • Content seems to be somewhat moderated
  • Trending videos at the bottom
  • One the shittiest user experiences due to ads
  • Background, footer and video ads
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Those of you that are desensitized to typical porn or are curious and bored, can visit CrazyShit. The erst of us will stay from this site in a safe distance. It’s a garden of free videos with extreme, bizarre, and funny content that isn't always related to sex or porn. There are categories for accidents, fail videos, fights, WTF videos, random nudity, and so on. Quality is low by default, but anyone can download clips or photos without having to sign up. It’s not on the level of LiveLeaks, which is basically all nasty stuff.

With the exception of Efukt, this is likely one of the sites you have already visited in the past. Either due to friends or some weird links that were sent to you by strangers. While the initial CrazyShit impression is very positive, it does turn to shit sooner than later.

I got so many advertising pop-ups, background ads and other nasties that the video that I opened disappeared. When you open a link and it loads few more tabs, you know you fucked it up. I think you should go for something else instead. People here don’t seem to give a fuck.

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