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Pros & Cons

  • Finally, a subreddit for pictures and videos
  • I can't deny that posts are fucking hot
  • Very active and friendly community
  • Top amateur and college porn
  • Many posts show no faces
  • Majority of content is pics
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/r/CollegeSluts – College Sluts

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/r/CollegeSluts Review

My love for college girls will never fade-away. Most of my hookups are with girls from college, universities or similar places. The best thing about college sluts is that they are extremely horny. So, if your game is not horrible, fucking them is easier than putting a peanut butter sandwich. My friend recently boasted about having sex with over 100 whores. However, as it turns out, he was a virgin. I could tell instantly, but we all love to make-up stories of our superiority, especially in bed.

About College Sluts

Okay, r/CollegeSluts sub-reddit takes things bit further than other sites! You have plenty of shared pictures and videos of some of the best college porn out there. The community is one of the most active in the whole reddit, as 325,000 subscribers! That’s plentiful to keep no adding new posts pretty much every minute.

I would say that around 80% of the content is pictures of college sluts. I mean with their tits out, pussies showing or just hanging out. This is not NSFW only subreddit and there are many posts without any nudity. For example, the recent one that is at the top of the /r/CollegeSluts is showing me two teens in their bikinis on the beach. Yes, with gigantic tits, just how we like them.

The header could use some updates though. There is a horrible picture on the left and then the rest is jut cut-off. You also have default reddit background in blue color, looks like those free web hosting sites form the 90s. The content is great. You have GIFs of true amateur girls sucking dicks, getting fucked in the ass, etc.

Most of the time it is all about the attention seeking poses and titles. Since you can post your own porn, most of the time faces are blurred or hidden. So, you are basically jacking off to the image of a boob that could be of a 30-year-old, puss infested hooker with herpes on her lips.

/r/CollegeSluts GIFs

A beautiful slut taking off her bra, showing massive tits. Licking her fingers and then rubbing her nipples.

We have all seen this one. A party slut shows how you are supposed to take the “blowjob shot”.

Another college slut sucking dude off in the bathroom.

/r/CollegeSluts Posts & Pictures

CollegeSluts - Reddit - College Porn

CollegeSluts - Reddit - College Porn

CollegeSluts - Reddit - College Porn


It’s a free sub-reddit. No reason not to visit, unless you are a raging asexual.

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/r/CollegeSluts – College Sluts