CollegeNSFW - Reddit - r College NSFW - Best GIFs & Review (2020)

Pros & Cons

  • Sometimes you can find rare gems
  • Does not revolve around amateurs
  • Large moderators team
  • Got better in 2019
  • Content needs better quality
  • Low resolution pictures
  • Just few videos
  • Not very active
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/r/CollegeNSFW – College NSFW

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/r/CollegeSluts Stats

Subscribers: 61,000
Browsing: 19
Moderators: 7

/r/CollegeNSFW Review

Another site of many porn sub-reddits is joining the compilation. Why do I like /r/CollegeNSFW so much? It produces a good amount of college porn pictures. Yes, that is mostly pictures, but unlike other subs, this one does not mind non-original content.

For example, I was able to find some couples fucking that were clearly amateur pornstars. This is not a reality porn inspired sub or anything like that. So, expect a random infusion of sluts from all kinds of social layers and sites.

About College NSFW

Is it good, bad? Since my last update, CollegeNSFW has accumulated an additional 20,000 subscribers, which is admirable. Another interesting thing is pictures. You see, there are some obscure posts that could otherwise be not found on other similar sub-reddits. As a result, that makes /r/CollegeNSFW a nice commodity.

Of course, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. There is a major downside! Since the reddit user count is not the highest, CollegeNSFW only occasionally receives unique content. When it does though, it’s lit as fuck. Also, the moderator team is large and compared to just 60k users. There are more moderators per user than on any other collage related porn subreddit.

Either most of them are inactive or most are just friends. Can’t really find any other faults, a nice sub-reddit when others have already been checked out.

I do like to add that the quality has improved dramatically since my last visit! It now features much more original and plain hot content. Sadly, most are still pictures. When it comes to videos, don’t expect anything but pornstars. Some don’t even have a college setting. Just random young sluts masturbating. Who knows if they have an education or not.

/r/CollegeNSFW GIFs

As I said, r College NSFW is fine with sharing multiple videos of girls that aren’t just random girls form college, as long as the theme is college, expect some decent porn videos from amateur sites and tubes.

This is what it feels like to fill a college hoe with your semen. One of the top-rated gifs in this sub-reddit and you can tell why. Creampies are hot and also work on ugly fat girls like herself.

This slut is on fire and the last nomination also goes to the same whore. There is not a lot of competition, so I can understand why she is in two gifs. I had to scroll through 5 pages to give you the top three videos.

/r/CollegeNSFW Posts & Pictures

CollegeNSFW – Reddit – r College NSFW

The best rated picture of this sub-reddit and despite low resolution, I am digging. Looks like the old-school, true to life photo from college.

CollegeNSFW – Reddit – r College NSFW

I believe we have this this collage girl on some other sub-reddits, but not this particular photo. Looks like it was taken in dorms.

CollegeNSFW – Reddit – r College NSFW

Sluts do collages and we got this innocent, amateur looking 18-year old babe for you for the last picture.

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/r/CollegeNSFW – College NSFW