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Pros & Cons

  • Nice, clean style without clutter
  • Has some original pictures
  • College porn is hot
  • Some posts still have low-resolution pics
  • More non-nude content than other subs
  • Very few comments under posts
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/r/CollegeAmateurs – College Amateurs

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/r/CollegeAmateurs Review

It’s hard for me to concentrate when I am surrounded by college amateurs, which is a nice way to call them. They are sluts and calling them anything else is just wrong. The sub for today is filled with young pussies that just popped to the college and need nothing else but a nice cream filling. The faster you fuck these virgin pussies, the better for you and them.

Although who am I kidding, most of these have had already multiple dicks in their teen years before even reaching the “legal point”. Unless you are a guy, then I am sure that seeing someone virgin at 30 is still a norm among redditors.

About College Amateurs

Now, /r/CollegeAmateurs is all about college amateurs in various settings. For better or worse, it does not have to be nudity or fuck scene, there is a fair share of non-nude content with girls having fun. And the setting of collage is not relevant most of the time too, it is basically a teen porn site that is tagged as college.

There are top posts of sluts swimming in the lake or just flashing boobs outside. How is this related to college? I do not know. This being amateur “porn” (and I am using this term very loosely), face to tits ratio is of around 50%, which means that for every two shots of pussy or boobs, half of them have face covered. When you combine this with clothed photos, it is more of a regular browsing subreddit than something that you use to get a dick hard or pussy wet.

The only relevant part of this sub that is related to college is their header image, which covers girls wearing various university t-shirts and that are fully naked. For videos or GIFs, do not expect anything as I can count them all with my left-hand fingertips.

/r/CollegeAmateurs GIFs

Smacking and slapping ass must feel amazing and look at that booty juggle like some jelly.

Just a nice video of another amateur undressing, yoga pants included.

A true college amateur that is slut, with tongue piercing and beautiful round ass.

/r/CollegeAmateurs Posts & Pictures

CollegeAmateurs - Reddit - College Amateur Porn

CollegeAmateurs - Reddit - College Amateur Porn

CollegeAmateurs - Reddit - College Amateur Porn

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/r/CollegeAmateurs – College Amateurs