Chyoa Sex Stories Site & Best Alternatives to Chyoa (2020)

Pros & Cons

  • Enjoyed our share of interactive stories that keep you involved
  • Great load times and user community is strong
  • Limited advertising
  • Design is decent but needs improvement
  • Not the best with discovery features
  • Bit hard to navigate at first
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Chyoa takes free adult stories and makes them even more enticing with multiple choices that determine the outcome of each one. As a member, you can submit new stories, discuss your work with others, or collaborate on your writing. The site allows all themes and categories except for extreme violence or anything illegal. Moreover, it has guides and FAQs for writers, as well an active forum.

Finally, a not so bad sex stories site that does feature okay design and no non-sense content. At first it could be tricky to figure it all out, but as you move… Navigation becomes second nature.

They will soon reach 15,000 sex stories in close to 500,000 chapters, which means one thing only. This one will keep you busy for a while. There is also a forum in case you feel adventurous and a story of the week. That’s a big plus for a site with so much text and submissions.

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