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  • One of the most honest sites out there
  • Extensive, high-quality reviews
  • Has all porn categories listed
  • Breaks down content
  • Includes GIFs
  • Needs more reviews
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It’s so easy to be a porn site reviewer today. You just take one of the hundreds of other sites reviews and rewrite the same thing. It’s a very common practice and not a new one either. The humankind has been coping each other’s work for ages. What makes BleedingButt different is their unique reviews that are not something you’ve seen before. The author does an incredible job at detailing the sites and the content that is hosted there. [GIF Source: BleedingButt]

Read any of their posts and you can tell how honest everything feels. The author looks very credible and what’s more, the reviews are fair. Most porn review networks host hundreds of articles and all of which are rated at 8 out of 10 or 9 as the minimum. That’s a blatant lie and BleedingButt takes a radically different approach. I’ve seen reviews with ratings as low as 6 or even 5 and that matters. Even for the most popular studios. We highly recommend this site as the only fair review site.

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