ASSTR Review (2020) & Similar Sex Story Sites to ASSTR

Pros & Cons

  • Has a compelling list of erotica and other text content
  • Likely one of the oldest and known sex story sites
  • Lots and lots of stories
  • Design is older than the World War 1
  • Some sex stories aren't good fun
  • Sometimes random quality
  • Outdated
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ASSTR (or Alt.Sex.Stories) is a free website which archives and hosts an impressive number of various erotic poems and sex stories. All from more than 1000 authors including now famous ones. The content goes back decades and covers every sexual orientation, category, and theme you could think of. Although not mobile friendly, it offers many sections, search tools, and the opportunity to post your stories and join the ranks of many other authors.

Just because content is in text shape or form, you don’t have to make the site itself crap. From what I can tell, ASSTR banks on its name and nostalgia. In other words, most of the traffic will be coming from old time users that grew up with the site. Everyone else on the other hand will look somewhere else.

You can’t really be that close-minded, can you? Why would they not update that ugly piece of design? I mean it’s not even web layout at this point.

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