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Pros & Cons

  • One of the first sites to start 4k porn thing
  • Beautiful models, no uglies
  • Amazing video quality
  • It's 4k porn
  • Does not offer free previews
  • No updates since 2017
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Hold your horses for an interesting 4K porn site that pushes teens and random amateurs to perform sex acts. All voluntary, of course, but I wonder how many of these did it for a small stack of cash? Anyway, let’s proceed with our review.

4KDesire Review

With the somewhat growing popularity of 4k porn, more and more porn sites are starting to offer their videos in this awesome quality. Funnily enough, those that were among the first to go with something fresh and special tend to bankrupt. I guess there is a very fine and dangerous line between being innovative and first to the market and finding enough people to sustain your business and keep it growing.

While I am not throwing sticks and bones to the 4KDesire site just yet, it does appear that it has not been updated since last year. Either they are waiting for more members to join so could reap the investments and satisfy those perky investors, or something else is happening. It would be a real shame to lose all the 4k porn that the studios have shot, let me tell you that.

4KDesire Membership

There aren’t any quarter or semi-annual options, which is strange.

  • 2-day access ($1)
  • 30-day access ($29.95)
  • 365-day access ($119.95 or $9.99 per month)

Porn Content

The girls are mostly amateurs or just pornstars that I have rarely seen before. Most are beautiful or cute in the worst-case scenarios, but I would not mind fucking 95% of them. You can find threesomes and butt sex, so just like with most porn sites. The dudes on the other hand… While there are some decent ones or just people that you don’t really mind, some are fucking awful. Geek or nerd looking dudes (I am specifically talking about the one with hair longer than most of the women) and then there is another one with pink shirt. What the fuck happened here?

Seeing these people fuck women just drives me nuts. You can visit their home page and see for yourself what I am talking about. If you don’t mind any of them, then it must be just my own issue. Also, I might be looking to the opposite gender bit too much, so it is a problem that I must solve myself. There are over 50, 4k porn videos of white people fucking white girls. Could not find any downloading limits or any other negatives. I did like their design as it seems to be light and fluffy, like a cloud or something. Most prefer black skin, but I did find 4KDesire to be well balanced for both night and daytime viewing.

4KDesire Usability

One thing that I hate about some of these sites like 4kDesire is that they won’t even allow you to get a good look at what exactly you are paying for. Click on any of the videos, hit play and nothing will happen. You get a pop-up asking to pay. Shit, maybe I need to see the quality first before giving you my money? At least a trailer or something would be nice. Unfortunately, this is not the case with 4KDesire, guess you could say that they did not find this feature to be desirable.


I have really enjoyed the content that 4KDesire team has produced and it would be one of my recommendations if not for the lack of updates. Good for a month, not worth to pay for a year. There are many greater 4k porn sites to check, premium or freemium.

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